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I am everything you want me to be but I’m still not me. At this point, I don’t even have my own mind to lose. I need to find a moment to create the peace I choose; I gotta cope. 


Cope Dealer is a 10-week comprehensive mental health awareness workshop designed to address areas of mental health impacting the African-American males and offering practical ways to cope with daily stressors. This is a safe space for Black men to discuss the complexities of manhood, Blackness, and how it pertains to their mental health and well-being. We will cover mental health, relationships, leadership, creativity, and any other areas of interest of the group. Each program is led by your Neighborhood Cope Dealer, Archie Green.

Cope Dealer

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01/16/2022 - Newschannel 5 WEWS Interviews Archie Green & Students in
Cope Dealer Pilot Program in Kent, OH

Cope Dealer Studio Session
Image by McKinley Wiley
Cope Dealer Studio Session
Image by McKinley Wiley
Video by McKinley Wiley
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